Memories of Murder ★★★★½

Borders pretty close to a 4.5 in its harrowing final act, however most of the movie is pretty standard stress-wise for a crime-thriller. 
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Personal Rating: 9
Sorry David Fincher... maybe if Zodiac had a few more dropkicks it could have been as good as this. Memories of Murder plays the increasing desperation of its obsessive protagonists so well, with a murky mix of satire and grit you don’t really get to see with Zodiac (I mention the two together because they have very similar themes and I watched them both recently). Though it features tons of great performances and some banging music, I think my favorite feature of this film is its cinematography; I don’t know shit about camerawork but I can just tell this is it at its finest. And that ending! Bong Joon-ho is a true master.

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