Perfect Blue ★★★★½

STRESS RATING: ☣️☣️☣️☣️☣️
Personal Rating: 9

To be honest, I feel iffy about giving it this stress rating, as the ending (though I loved it) definitely wasn’t nearly as anxiety-inducing as the rest of the film. However, there are certain scenes in this that are disturbing on so many levels, and that score alone could probably give you a panic attack, so I think the rating fits. Perfect Blue is also just... really confusing. What’s real and what’s a fragment of Mima’s shattered psyche is rarely clear, and every little detail is up to interpretation. Even as I’m writing this, I’ve learned a crucial detail about the ending I didn’t notice... and now all that resolution feels just as tainted as the movie it’s supposed to conclude. Perfect Blue is a difficult watch, but Satoshi Kon does not disappoint. I guess I have a new filmography to binge!