Spirited Away ★★★★★

Hard to gage considering how happy this film makes you once it’s over, but for a kids movie, it’s got a fair bit of stress to it. Nothing that prevents it from being the comfort movie that it is, though.
Also, this is the 300th stress rating! I hope to continue doing more of this in the future, and I’ll also be fixing ratings that were in the old format when I rewatch the movie they’re attached to. Thanks all. 
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Personal Rating: 10
Unnecessarily long story parading as a review incoming: 
The first time I watched Spirited Away was in the house that my grandmother grew up in, a house that has seen many generations of my family aside from my own. It was towards the start of the Ghibli journey my sister and I had went on (and only recently finished), which consisted of us steadily watching and amassing our very own Studio Ghibli DVD collection. The television we watched it on must’ve been decades old; it was small and dusty and admittedly kind of shitty, but the house didn’t have internet and we were there for the weekend, so what better way to entertain yourself than to turn on some anime? Well, I watched a masterpiece that day. Through that tiny and old screen, I watched the intricate strokes of hand-drawn animation come to life in its wonderfully creative character designs and stunning backdrops. Through those tinny speakers, I heard a beautiful story about childhood unfold that I wished I had gotten to experience before I was in high school, as well as a gorgeous score from the ever-talented Joe Hisaishi. Even from that television that smelled sorta funny and probably belonged in the dumpster, the immense care and effort put into making every second of Spirited Away as majestic as the last shone through brilliantly all the same. Recently, I spent a few days clearing out that old house so it can finally be sold and find it’s way to a new family. And when I think of the various memories I’ve made staying there on the occasional holiday weekend, from my childhood to now, I always think of my first time watching this movie as one of the ones I cherish most. Kiki’s Delivery Service will probably forever be my favorite from Miyazaki, but Spirited Away definitely has a very special place in my heart too.

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