The Prestige ★★★★

Two silly magic boys get a little obsessed, destroy their lives, and wrong a record number of women for a Nolan film (I think). A reasonably stressful affair. 
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Personal Rating: 8
If there’s anything that I can say about Christopher Nolan, it’s that his films often leave me feeling very conflicted. The Prestige is no different, and though I think it’s definitely among his best, I still left it wishing a few things had been done differently. As expected, the general premise is great, and the non-linear way the narrative unfolds is seamless. Loved seeing all the tricks and their explanations, too, as well as seeing David Bowie as Nikola Tesla. But I don’t know... something about the end and it’s reveals just lessened it a bit for me. They’re done well, but kinda took away the emotional weight of certain things that came before, and... I can’t say the other thing without spoiling the movie. Just watch it and see how you feel!

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