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  • Don't Answer the Phone!

    Don't Answer the Phone!


    Nicholas Worth's unhinged, method acting performance in this movie is one for the ages. Sure, the police procedural stuff is flat and bumbling, but when Worth enters a scene, it's as if he's just done 50 push-ups and multiple rails of Merck cocaine. His craziest moment is the scene where he does his own Taxi Driver homage, looking into a mirror shirtless and talking to his long dead father DeNiro style. "No! Fuck YOU!" This movie has major tone issues,…

  • The Undertaker

    The Undertaker


    While not a great slasher film, this has a darkly comic and sleazy atmosphere, and of course, the unforgettable Joe Spinell. After watching a documentary on Spinell recently, it's clear that the actor wasn't in the best physical shape here. In some scenes he's slurring noticeably but he still has that unmistakable presence. There's obvious nods to Maniac but this is much sillier and impossibly cheaper. Spinell makes every movie he's in better. This is no exception.

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  • Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key

    Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key


    Another Sergio Martino sleazefest done with a style and skill that only Argento could top. This one's a bit of a trick because the giallo element only goes about halfway before Martino breaks this movie wide open into something out of Edgar Allan Poe and even Hitchcock. It's totally unexpected and keeps you guessing at what the hell he's going to show you next. Edwige Fenech plays a stronger character than she usually does and that's half the fun of the movie. Definitely one of Martino's best, if not the best of his career.

  • Ghoulies II

    Ghoulies II


    Never thought I'd be 37 years old watching Ghoulies 2 on a Friday night. Somehow, two Ghoulies high-fiving each other was entertaining for me.