The Immortal ★★★

From the future director of Jaws The Revenge, Joseph Sargent, comes ABC Movie Of The Week "The Immortal". Christopher George discovers that his blood is some sort of fountain of youth, and an aging, evil capitalist named Braddock tries to kidnap him to use as his personal battery. The screenplay was written by a guy named Robert Specht whose future credits would include Knight Rider, Airwolf, Kung Fu and Space Academy. If you've seen any of those shows, you know what you're getting into. I've always liked the laid-back, "I'm just here for a paycheck" vibe of Christopher George and he's the same here as he is in everything. It's entertaining if you like this era of TV movies where every plot, no matter how ridiculous, is played deadly serious. This acted as a pilot for a short-lived TV series which I have yet to see. Not bad.

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