This Charming Girl ★★★★★

I sat through this film loving this woman that I did not know, and feeling sorry for her, hoping for her. It felt like a very intimate experience, almost like you are there with her as she goes about her life doing all her daily tasks, it does not feel like a film, but rather more like real life. That is what I think is supposed to happen when you watch a character study film that is well made.

Shot almost entirely using a hand held camera, and with a restrained soundtrack, this movie follows Jeong-hye, an introverted post office worker through her day.

Jeong-hye has forged her own life out of simplicity and solitude as the result of some trauma earlier in her life. The film does not focus on what that trauma is or how Jung-hye may eventually resolve it. Instead, it focuses on the slow and mundane life she has made for herself as a result. The viewer sees her feed her cat, cook her meals, go to a job at an uneventful workplace. Many people may find this film boring as it is a very slow moving film that builds up to one very intense scene. It is a intense scene not because anything crazy happens but because we can see all of the repressed emotions inside this woman come rising to the surface. What makes this work so well is Kim Ji-su's completely amazing performance.

As the story unfolds, this reserved and seemingly unemotional woman is shown to be a deep and complex person deserving of our respect. A perfect example of inspirational film making of the highest degree. Thank you Lee Yoon-ki, it is work like this that makes me certain film is still important and powerful.