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  • BlacKkKlansman




    maaaaaaaaaaaan this was a great movie. i hope it gets a best adapted screenplay nom come awards season, since that was most certainly a thing of beauty, above all else. i have lots more thoughts but i've gotta get up for work in 5 hours and i just really wanted to get a rating up.

  • Thunder Road

    Thunder Road



    jim cummings deserves a lot of attention for this performance. i'm so impressed, he really fuckin hurt me deep.

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  • Hereditary




    so you're telling me

    this is alex wolff's first go at serious acting???????

    you're trying to tell me he's never played a role like this before???????????

    you're telling me this kid's a ROOKIE???????????????

    i ain't buying it, nope, he is NOT the same kid from the naked brothers band. not with that talent. not with that performance. nope. get out of my house, i do not believe you.

  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    rewatched for the third time because i hate myself and apparently luca hates me too because he's confirmed a SEQUEL.

    i'm gonna go cry over that fireplace scene again, brb.