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  • Warning: Do Not Play

    Warning: Do Not Play


    A budding korean filmmaker is tasked with writing her next great horror story, but is stopped in her tracks by writer's block and an approaching deadline. When she hears of a rumor about the scariest short film ever made supposedly directed by a ghost, she desperately hunts the film down in the hopes that she can use it for her own needs. As a fan of filmmaking, horror, and south korea, this movie instantly spoke to me and proved to…

  • Train to Busan

    Train to Busan


    One of the best zombie films of the last decade and one of the best zombie films to come out of South Korea, Train to Busan is an unrelenting story of survival as a businessman and his young daughter find themselves trapped on a train during a disastrous zombie outbreak. The film's breakneck pace, heart pounding soundtrack, and powerful performances leaves your heart racing as you watch a cast of likable and detestable characters fight to stay one step ahead of the undead. It's a horror film that reminds you of the good old days when you actually cared about the characters in a zombie movie.

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  • Cam



    The character learns nothing at the end of her journey. The story does not bother to explain itself. There is NO real threat to the main character. The story is resolved in the simplest of ways. There is no conflict. Why this has a 94 percent on RT, I will never know. Do not be fooled by this failed concept.

  • Green Room

    Green Room


    Talk about a movie that leaves your hands shaking, Green Room is a relentless thriller that steals your hope away and leaves you abandoned as you place yourself in the character's positions. After an indie punk band gets a gig at a run-down bar populated by skinheads, they end up trapped in a wrong place-wrong time situation and must do whatever they can to stay alive. Once again A24 distributes a film whose story is worth telling. A story that…