Metamorphosis ★★½

A Korean family becomes haunted by a demonic force in their new home and their uncle, a disgraced priest, is their only hope to get rid of it. What feels like a Korean love letter to The Exorcist, unfortunately is one more retread of every single possession trope and story we’ve seen before. The acting is well done, but apart from that, everything in the film feels like a beat for beat possession plot that tries to make its own identity, but falls flat. One of the ways it tries to do this is by having the demon take the form of one of the family members in order to establish paranoia and doubt.

It starts by impersonating the father who then makes a perverse comment to his youngest daughter. This is a naturally unsettling way of destabilizing a loving family. But this quickly disappears when the demon feels no need to keep its presence a secret and the family quickly figures out what’s going on. Even the eventual exorcism scenes, as creepy and well-acted as they are, don’t offer a whole lot to what we’ve already seen before. Which is a shame considering how unique Korean horror has proven to be. Best parts of the movie are the acting and makeup effects, worst parts are the familiar and repetitive story and public domain sound effects.