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  • The Woman and The Gun

    The Woman and The Gun


    Rae Red's skills in building tension is on another level. I've been a fan of her writing since Birdshot, there may be loose ends but the impact of the film was somehow established. A superb performance from the cast in addition to the notable direction, editing and film score is a breakthrough in filmmaking. I'd like to see more of her works in the future.

  • My Sweet Grappa Remedies

    My Sweet Grappa Remedies


    Maybe my body is refusing to go back to the usual routine.

    I lived for mumblecore films. The daily musings and nuances of forlorn characters in localities of Japan is really interesting. It's like being positive in spite of the negativity around you, appreciating the tiny details and pondering over things with sensibility. Whenever Yoshiko's stuff are missing, she would patiently wait and gladly accept it after being found. She's also the type who wears her new shoes in a…

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  • Petal Dance

    Petal Dance


    Ishikawa's films speak volumes when it comes to expressionism. Petal Dance felt like an accumulation of his previous works as what I have seen in Tokyo.sora and Su-ki-da. It tackles loneliness, depression, complications of relationship and unresolved issues in the past... all portrayed in the silent movements and long shots. The images of the sky, the sea, and even a bent tree simply stood out for me. Ishikawa's ability to give life to inanimate objects and turn into tangible things…

  • Stella's Last Weekend

    Stella's Last Weekend


    I could watch any movie involving dogs and the Wolff brothers, all day long.