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  • The Founder

    The Founder


    The film contains a story that flows with great ease, thanks to the editing and the powerful cast. But it seems written and editing by a Business Institute that tries to show you how to undertake with 50 years. It's never late, I agree.

    The problem that I find in the film is that sometimes it gets you out of the story. Somehow, morality is debated in the new holy land. It is at the end of footage when you…

  • Damage



    “Remember damaged people are dangerous, the know can survive…”

    This solemn phrase will walk with many of the cinema lovers after watch this movie. It summarizes pretty well the auto destructive atmosphere that the main characters create. It’s a story of penitence in a no-sense world, and an escape of it. This is the violence of two unstable human beings that found each other to lay together.

    The novelty in this film is not the story, it’s way that it…

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  • The Wheelchair

    The Wheelchair


    The film expose us the story of an old man who has to deal with the issues that the progress of the modern city pose on his life. The drama is served. The sense of humor, which is the big point along the story, does its first appearence with a satirized military march.
    The famous duet Azcona-Ferreri is in charged to write the realistic sad story that make-up with black humour. This film belongs to the first period of…

  • Certain Women

    Certain Women


    Tres historias que hablan de una misma condición. Las dos primeras historias nos colocan encima de la misma rama que ellas; no es segura, pero es por donde han podido trepar. A Dern y Williams las desacreditan sin dudar, ya que quienes lo hacen ni se lo plantean. Entre Lily y Kristen presenciamos el cándido destello del amor.
    Son tres historias que se entrecruzan para que la narración alcance su mayor expresión. El ambiente es relajado, la cámara se sitúa…