The Founder ★★★

The film contains a story that flows with great ease, thanks to the editing and the powerful cast. But it seems written and editing by a Business Institute that tries to show you how to undertake with 50 years. It's never late, I agree.

The problem that I find in the film is that sometimes it gets you out of the story. Somehow, morality is debated in the new holy land. It is at the end of footage when you notice the exhaustion of it, but it is not an abrupt stop, but it disappears like the flame of a candle.

Many people criticize the position taken by the director. Some people demand satire above a supposedly unbiased biopic. I agree with this part, because it is quite a statement of intent to begin the story with Krock, and not with the brothers who founded it. Buuut, do we want satires everywhere, or can we settle for a well-told story?

I cannot avoid remembering an interview I recently read with James Gray (director of The Lost city of Z) complaining about the bad state of Hollywood. I agree that it suffers from a structural disease that is limited to producing Big Mac's. You cannot understand the current hollywood industry without the world's most famous hamburger company.