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  • The Craft

    The Craft


    Meh. First two-thirds of the movie are pretty good, but gets lame and predictable in the third act.

    The narrative was promising in its character development, approach to what appeared to be either chaos magick or Wicca and balance between lighthearted edginess and serious coming of age themes. However, what seemed like some kind of shonen anime type story with friendships being tested, truths being revealed and how great power can be used by good and darkened hearts alike soon…

  • Parents



    Holy shit, color me impressed! I swear, the Tubi synopsis made it sound like nothing. To be fair, it's a plotline that doesn't seem all that special. Hell, you even know what the big reveal is going to be near the end. What makes Parents especially interesting however is that this isn't the point of the movie.

    The suspense, the worry, the fear you feel aren't about the destination. They're instead about the journey there from the eyes of our…

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  • Body Melt

    Body Melt


    This might be the most disgusting non-SOV movie I've seen so far. Here's to more for me to come across!

    This is a compelling, uncomfortable and darkly humorous medical horror movie with a decent amount of corporate plotting, backwoods depravity and sullied suburbia to keep you interested. The gross and gory bits are sparse until the third act, but they never feel overused; what's fun about them is that they're there to illustrate various horrific aspects of the drug trials,…

  • Dead Man on Campus

    Dead Man on Campus


    Holy shit, I did not expect to get this much mileage out of this sordid little flick! I already fell in love with it the second the opening credits started rolling, why with standardized test questions and diagrams all revolving around death, murder and self-harm. Might be one of my favorite intro sequences of all time now and it's a pretty good testament to how creatively fucked up the whole damn thing is.

    How difficult is it to make two…