Bill Traylor: Chasing Ghosts

Bill Traylor: Chasing Ghosts ★★★★

Man, this is the stuff - exactly the reason I want to encourage support for the independent theater. Jeffrey Wolf's incredible argument for low production value artistry, a reflection on an artist whose consciousness teems with the vast knowledge and experience of the country he's called home for longer than it has called him one of its citizens. Beautiful work that expounds purpose out of the flattened, positioned shape better than near any art documentary I have ever seen.

If people were privy to these sorts of products, willing to invest themselves in a visual form that tells passionate stories of the common man, able to access a theater system as lively as that in Los Angeles, where a "Chasing Ghosts" will play just down the hallway from a "Godzilla vs. Kong," any sort of great cultural wave would be as possible as we could imagine it.

I walked out of "Chasing Ghosts" to a small, streetside rally being held for the remembrance of George Floyd, on the day of his murderer's verdict. If we treated the worth of Bill Traylor with the same outright respect as we do his light-skinned contemporaries, maybe seeing our fellow man's equal value outside of the decorated frame or silver screen wouldn't be so hard either.

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