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  • Adaptation.



    For my future biographer scouring my profile (or any friends or strangers obsessed with my movie-watching habits), please note that on Sunday, 8/6/17, I was suffering at home with a cold and didn't feel up to doing much other than watching an admittedly odd combination of movies, as reflected in my log: Spike Lee's "Malcolm X" (which, at 200 minutes, I'd wanted to see since my history teacher showed a spellbinding clip in high school but for which I…

  • Scum



    The most trenchant ironies in this critique of English youth-detention centers (and, implicitly, the society that allows them) arise from small details that show those in power reinforcing their self-image of tolerance and moral correctness while enabling and enforcing a code of brutal, arbitrary punishment having nothing to do with rehabilitation.

    1. An inspector comes round to perfunctorily inspect the food served to the Trainees, yet any concern for their physical well-being evaporates once the beatings resume.

    2. The Governer…

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  • The Smell of Us

    The Smell of Us


    U.S. premiere, Film Comment Selects, Walter Reade Theater.

    More of the horrid same from Larry Clark, who would probably make snuff films if he could do so without having to serve hard time afterwards. This is, by a significant margin, his most disjointed, grotesque, repellent feature film to date. And, he claims (disturbingly, but unsurprisingly), his most personal.

    Utter, nonsensical trash. Bring a nose plug.

  • Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

    Home Alone 2: Lost in New York


    I was right.