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  • Season of the Witch

    Season of the Witch


    Honestly.... not as bad as I was expecting.

     Yes, it’s tacky, the CGI is AWFUL, and there are enough cheesy one-liners to have you roll your eyes out of your skull. But it’s fun! I’m not going to say that this movie was great by any means, but it was relatively entertaining with a few decent action scenes (the bridge scene!), and a few surprising twists and turns. It’s not great, but I certainly didn’t hate it.

    The cast is…

  • Green Lantern

    Green Lantern


    It’s almost impossible to believe that the same man who directed the masterpiece Casino Royale made this big dull dud.

    Honestly, this was not nearly as bad as I anticipated, given all the horrible things I had heard about it. That said, it’s certainly not good. The movie tries its best to be self-aware and fun, but that frankly does work.

    Ryan Reynolds is passable in the lead role, but he feels monumentally miscast (Deadpool is a far better fit…

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  • Judge Dredd

    Judge Dredd


    Judge Dredd wants what RoboCop has. You’re way better off watching reboot with Karl Urban.

    This movie just feels like a monumental misfire in every conceivable way. It’s not funny, it’s not exciting, it’s not entertaining and it’s not even so bad it’s good—Judge Dredd is just awful. The production quality often feels like a 1950s TV show (although some of the CGI has admittedly held up decently). The cast—despite having some big names like Sylvester Stallone, Diane Lane, and…

  • The Earth Is Blue as an Orange

    The Earth Is Blue as an Orange


    Had the pleasure of catching a screening of this at Sundance, which was followed by a Q&A with the director Iryna Tsilyk and one of the subjects of the film, Mira, which provided even more insight into the film and its content (even in spite of some really bad questions).

    The Earth is Blue as an Orange centers around the Trofymchuks, a family who lives in a small border town in Ukraine that has found itself in the crossfire of…