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  • Hardware


    Angst and Anguish – It must be October 2017

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy this was not good. This was not good. At. All.

    A massive disappointment as well when you've basically been meaning to watch it for over 20 years and it turns out to be not only really boring but also really, really shit. And stupid. I mean, I could have forgiven it to a certain extent if it had been really well made. I wouldn't have…

  • Long Shot

    Long Shot

    me after about 20 minutes: why am I watching this, I never watch documentaries, I can't handle real li

    me after about 21 minutes: FUCK FICTION MORE DOCS

    As I believe the kids of today say, I am shaken.

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  • Trainspotting



    Choose Letterboxd. Choose films. Choose downloading the app. Choose paying money for a membership just so you don’t have to see some fucker adding 500 films to their watchlist. Choose following a few thousand people and then never reading a fucking word they say. Choose writing β€œRead the full review on my website!” knowing full well no cunt is ever going to follow that link. Choose asking Sally Jane Black to watch Rogue Nation and then seeing her do a…

  • Life



    It's fine.

    The plot is fine.

    The special effects are fine.

    The music is fine.

    The direction is fine.

    The cinematography is fine.

    The pacing is fine.

    The acting is fine.

    The alien is fine.

    The deaths are fine.

    The beginning is fine.

    The middle is fine.

    The ending is fine.

    It's just, very, fine.