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  • The Meg

    The Meg

    There was a thread posted yesterday on Twitter about Jason Statham which irritated me:-

    Nobody has ever claimed that Jason Statham is an actor of great range. He has always known his strengths and played to them, and has never pretended to be anything that he's not. I'd say that he is actually a pretty good actor and I always point people to The Bank Job and Spy as particular evidence of this.

    He kept the lower budget action…

  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout


    So. What do they do now?

    That was the question I was asking myself months before I had even seen Mission: Impossible - Fallout. It was a question asked under the assumption that this would be at least as good as its two predecessors, despite me having left Rogue Nation (every time I've watched it) wondering how Christopher McQuarrie was supposed to top THAT.

    As it turned out, I didn't leave the cinema asking that question. That is perhaps where…

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  • Cisco Pike

    Cisco Pike

    Summer of Scam: The Summer Crime Season 2

    Disillusionment In Sun-Drenched 1970s American New Wave Cinema: A Watching Brief

    Kris Kristofferson cruising round town selling dope and trying to get a record contract. Gene Hackman as a dodgy cop trying to ward off a heart attack by jogging on the spot. Harry Dean Stanton surprising Karen Black by appearing in her bath unannounced. Antonio Fargas as a drug dealer and Roscoe Lee Browne as a record store owner.

    That's about…

  • Terminal Velocity

    Terminal Velocity

    BOM - The 90s Action Month

    This isn't very good, mainly because it tries to fill in the gaps between some genuinely good action scenes with plot. Why the fuck would we want more plot in a film where Charlie Sheen plays a skydiving instructor called Ditch and Nastassja Kinski plays an ex-KGB agent called Krista Moldova?

    I'd like to think David Twohy, who I normally have a lot of time for, when he wrote this and was trying to…

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  • Trainspotting



    Choose Letterboxd. Choose films. Choose downloading the app. Choose paying money for a membership just so you don’t have to see some fucker adding 500 films to their watchlist. Choose following a few thousand people and then never reading a fucking word they say. Choose writing “Read the full review on my website!” knowing full well no cunt is ever going to follow that link. Choose asking Sally Jane Black to watch Rogue Nation and then seeing her do a…

  • Life



    It's fine.

    The plot is fine.

    The special effects are fine.

    The music is fine.

    The direction is fine.

    The cinematography is fine.

    The pacing is fine.

    The acting is fine.

    The alien is fine.

    The deaths are fine.

    The beginning is fine.

    The middle is fine.

    The ending is fine.

    It's just, very, fine.