A Fish Called Wanda ★★★★½

I've decided to spend my Christmas break rewatching a lot of 80s films, all of which so far have been American.

A Fish Called Wanda isn't American. Well, it's a bit American. Not just because it's got Kevin Kline and Jamie Lee Curtis in it, but because it was mostly funded by MGM. This was made back in the 80s when the British film industry had about 76p to spend on films, after all, so we needed some help with it.

It also doesn't feel like an 80s film. In fact, it really doesn't feel like it's aged that much at all. Strange, really. It's also still incredibly funny and you can always tell when someone in a comedy film is VERY funny indeed because the stupid Oscars pretty much have to take notice of them under the wave of pressure heaped on them to reward said person.

As such, Kline got a Best Supporting Actor nod and rightly so. Unfortunately, most of the rest of his career has failed to come close to living up to just how amazing he is here. It shouldn't take away from just how good Curtis and John Cleese are though. Curtis has always been a fine comic actor and her timing here is immense although Cleese steals my favourite scene of the whole film, calmly dishing out a lengthy apology to Kline while hung upside-down outside a window.

I first saw this with my parents when I was 12. I think my mum left the room when Kline started blowing in the boots. I think that's one of the many reasons why I loved it then and still do now.

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