• jessie


    maybe james cameron does deserve rights

  • jacob i.


    "Not bad for a human."

    Is it possible to love a film more than I love Aliens? Debatable.

  • Patrick Pryor

    What a nightmare to survive an Alienยฎ attack and wake up to discover you're three million dollars in debt to your space trucking company, got your space driver's license suspended, and have to attend six months of space wellness sessions. Talk about corporate dystopia.

  • jacob i.


    I am so happy this film exists.

    Itโ€™s got it all. Horror, action, drama, everything. The writing is incredible and the characters are so believable and real. The chemistry shared by each of them is only matched by the grimy, futuristic environment they have to navigate. So much is accomplished in such a small area and with such a decent running time. James Cameron has created a masterpiece of action and visual effects that must be witnessed by all aspiring filmmakers and even fans of the genre in general.

    I just wanna give James Cameron a big olโ€™ hug.

  • Matt Curione


    One of the best sequels of all time and one of Cameron's best. This thing rocks from start to finish.

    Also hey this is a pretty great metaphor for the Vietnam War. Overconfident military goes somewhere they shouldn't be, gets their asses handed to them, survivors leave with their tail between their legs and the country in shambles.

  • Charlotte


    Ripley and Hicks are the most dynamic duo

  • Donkey Kong Kill Screen


    A masterclass of action filmmaking. A relentless third act that was never rivaled until the recent MAD MAX sequel.

    Similar to other genre heavyweights, ALIENS takes it's time to set up its fantastic locale and fill it with characters we care about deeply.

    During this viewing, I really appreciated the brilliance of Lance Henriksen's performance. Even though he has a huge filmography, I still feel like he's one of the most underused and underrated character actors of our time.

  • Alex


    When I first saw this, I was a scared twelve-year-old kid who woke up every night with nightmares and no name for what was happening to me. Seven years later, this is one of my favorite movies of all time and I'm a public PTSD advocate who has devoted her career to helping the scared little Newts of the world. So, y'know, fuck anyone who says movies don't matter.

    Also, to quote Pulitzer Prize winner Lin-Manuel Miranda, "you can tell it's from the '80's by the volume of their hair."

  • Sandy

    I'm still trying to catch my breath and calm my typing fingers as I attempt to write this... Out of all the roaring action, my favorite moment in the movie is a quiet one. Ripley's descending in an elevator and takes the ultimate mom moment. She breathes in, closes her eyes and stretches her neck in preparation for her next move. I've done it a hundred times, yet never facing my mortal fear. Yeah, sometimes I'm afraid, but this isโ€ฆ

  • wasitgaytho


    2 Gay Stars

    One star for Ripleys arms. The other is because Ripley is gay, and I have come to this conclusion based on zero evidence whatsoever

  • Paul D


    Remember when James Cameron used to make proper films? You know, before he moved into the Mills & Boon and cartoon business? Well this was made during that period.

    And this is how you do a sequel, not just more of the same, but taking a different approach, from haunted house to gung-ho war pic complete with acres of military hardware.

    And what hardware, the drop-ship, the APC, the loader and the guns, lots and lots of guns.

    If I'm honestโ€ฆ

  • Cuntis


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Directors cut BLU RAY OH YEAH


    There are so many great lines in this film, but nothing really beats the end for me when queenie comes out the fucking LIFT, but newt and ripley get away and you think to yourself well thats it, kind of leaves it for another film, BUT THEN OH WAIT SHE HAS CLUNG ON TO THAT SHIP THE ENTIRE WAY BACK TO BASE FOR A FIGHT TO END ALL FIGHTS RIPS APART THAT ROBOT BLOKE AND STARTS TEARING UP THE FUCKING FLOOR *screaming face emoji*

    Still a banger