Back to the Future Part II ★★★★½

An absolutely splendid sequel to the brilliant original which I'm not going to review properly because Christmas and not having had dinner yet. Can't concentrate on an empty stomach. So you can have bullet points or nothing, butthead.

* The reshot stuff at the start is actually pretty clever as it's perhaps the only way they could introduce the fact that it's now Elisabeth Shue playing Jennifer.

* I love the way film just jumps into things and doesn't take any time at all in getting going.

* The bit with the Jaws hologram is still absolutely awesome. It's 2015 next year though, and we're nowhere near Jaws 19 :(

* The film really doesn't suffer for the lack of Crispin Glover. It would have been interesting to see what they would have done if he had been involved but it's difficult to imagine it would have been much better than this.

* Normally I don't like films that end with 'To Be Continued' but because this has such a frantic and good ending, I'll give it more than a pass.

* Thomas F. Wilson is fantastic as the Tannens. Apparently he's tried to disassociate himself from the franchise these days, which is a great shame.

* It's a bit darker in tone, which I like, with murder and forced marriage to the fore. I actually remembered it as being even darker though, but it has been years since I've seen it.

* Probably not enough Lea Thompson here. In fact, definitely not enough Lea Thompson. Is there ever enough Lea Thompson though?

* Why don't hover boards work on water?

* What the fuck happened to Robert Zemeckis? We're not getting him back, are we?

Absolutely wonderful, can't wait to do the final one again. Maybe tomorrow. But there is football, no I can't make any promises.