Bill Hicks: Revelations ★★★★½

You do wonder if Bill Hicks was still living today if he would indeed be living in the UK. Not just because he seemed to be embraced by audiences on a wider scale over here before they embraced him in the US, but because he always seemed to me to be more relaxed in front of a British audience.

I guess there are all kinds of reasons for that but Revelations really is about as laid back a performance as you will get from him. It's also a show that shows him so comfortable with his audience and so trusting of them that he really delves into taking his time over a bit or a joke.

As such, you get a really beautifully paced show where he really seems to be enjoying himself. That chuckle he does as Goat Boy is still reverberating through my head, though, so he loses half a star from arguably his greatest performance for that. He can be thankful I haven't slept between watching it and doing this review because I'm sure I would have a nightmare about it and he would lose a whole star!