Children of the Damned

You Have 90 Minutes To Comply 2: Brevity Rules

Yeeeeesssss not bad, I think.

Ultimately not as good as the first one but I think a fair amount of credit should go to Anton Leader for seeming to understand that he would be on to a loser tacking this on as a proper sequel.

Instead he goes for a thematic follow-up and nothing more. Initially this bothered me and for a time I wished it was directly linked to the original, but as it went on I saw the reasoning behind it and agreed with it. It tacks on a couple of its own ideas and theories while opting for Village of the Damned's stance of not trying to delve too deeply in to where these pan lids have come from.

The ending is rubbish, I will say, and easily the worst thing about Children of the Damned. It really is a case of a bunch of outcomes coming together, all of which clash hideously resulting in a climax that was pretty illogical. I also could have done without geneticist Alan Badel's borderline sexual harassment of every woman he happens across. Keep it in your pants, Mr. Scientist!

Yet it has a slightly darker edge than the original (there's a memorably violent suicide in this one too) and perhaps if it wasn't for a calamitous last 10 minutes or so, I think this may well have matched the original.