Child's Play 2

What You Do Know Can Hurt You – October 2017 Rewatches

Critics are always so quick to dismiss horror sequels, seemingly always going into them with the assumption that they won't be a patch on the original rather than judging them on its own merits.

But I actually slightly prefer this to the original. The original has a slight disadvantage in that it has to delay things to a certain extent to try and build up the Chucky character, so it can drag a little bit in the first half. No such problems with the sequel, which wastes absolutely no time at all getting into the meat of the action, even if nobody explains why the bloody hell they would want to rebuild Chucky in the first place!

The "Hi, it's.... Tommy!" line is an absolute killer in its delivery, the bit with the cop is superbly played by Christine Elise (who has always been great value in her under-appreciated career) and the ending in the factory is the scene I remember the most from when I first watched the first three in this series over 20 years ago, and is really good even if it does the 'oh he's not dead yet' bit one too many times.

It's just a really fun and occasionally inventive slasher from start to finish. That poster really is superb as well, isn't it.

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