A tiresome carnival of pointless carnage.

I came into this with no expectations at all, and that's even despite the fact that Joe Lynch made the excellent Mayhem. So I don't know if I think that much less of him for how shit Everly is, but I would have expected pretty much anyone to have come up with something at least slightly more worthwhile than this.

There's just no aim to any of this at all. The entire plot rotates around a bloke having Salma Hayek holed up in her apartment to wind her up by sending a bunch of people after her, rather than just killing her. As a minor subplot in a film, that's been acceptable in many actioners down the decades, but basing a whole film around it is fucking stupid.

It's a complete waste of Hayek and aside from one pretty good death (when she makes that guy swallow acid, not the drug), Everly is a waste of everyone's time but hopefully not money because you'd be a right bloody mug to pay to watch this.