Friday Foster

You Have 90 Minutes To Comply 2: Brevity Rules

I guess at this point I should probably try and get round to watching all the blaxploitation films.

I honestly can't remember one that I didn't enjoy and Friday Foster is right up there with the very best of them that I can recall seeing. Yep, that includes Live and Let Die. It may not have quite the diversity of soundtrack that I would normally like to hear but it's almost the only downside in this film.

Among the most notable highlights were the brilliant way Eartha Kitt tosses her head around when doing some acting, Carl Weathers murdering someone in a phone box by driving a truck through it, and Ed Cambridge spending his entire role eating, demanding a beer and doing absolutely no police work at all. So much respect for law enforcement in this motion picture!

But the best thing about Friday Foster is that it qualifies as a buddy cop film due to the partnership between Pam Grier and Yaphet Kotto. Their clowning around and getting on each other's nerves and grudging respect for one another definitely qualifies this and man they are SO much fun together whenever they're on screen. Never to the detriment of Grier's position as this film's lead though, Kotto always gives her front and centre. He's the greatest, isn't he.

So is she, of course. I prefer to see her gunning loads of people down, of course, but she shows a different side to a lead character in a movie like this and it really works out so well. There's just so much going for this and I'm surprised it's not regarded as one of the very best in the genre. If it isn't then I can only assume there are many more wonders to come, and I can get on just fine with that.

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