George Carlin: Carlin at Carnegie ★★★½

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When it comes to watching and reviewing Carlin's HBO specials, it would probably have been logical to have watched them all in date order, and keep an eye on how his style evolved as his career progressed.

I am much more interested, however, in jumping around in his HBO timeline and being able to get a real grasp in just how varied these shows were. For instance, after the anger of You Are All Diseased, jumping back to the silliness of Carlin At Carnegie, arguably the daftest show of his career, really is as much proof as I need that Carlin was the finest all-round stand up comedian that I have ever seen.

Here he talks about the difficulties of sinking breakfast cereal under the milk and pet issues for the most part, but the upcoming anger in his career does poke through hilariously when he gets to work on one of his favourite subjects - words. Here he rails against nondescript words such as 'nice' and general inappropriate pleasantries.

It's delightfully silly almost the whole way, through, and Carlin almost at his best. I actually enjoyed this a fair bit more than when I first watched it. Probably because I've got a fairly empty fridge with some unidentifiable food in it right now as well.

"Well, smell it!"
"It has no smell whatsoever!"
"Then it's good! Put it back!"