GoodFellas ★★★★

The Third Summer of Scam

I was like pretty much every other lad of my age at sixth form college and then university.

I had the GoodFellas poster, would recite parts of it with my friends, and basically made out it was the coolest thing that ever existed. I mean, I only watched it once and actually much preferred The Goonies but you have to keep up appearances, don't you.

I did like it, I think, but clearly if I did it wasn't so much that I've felt the need to rewatch it until today. I should have rewatched it sooner, because it is excellent, of course. Yet also not *so* excellent that I feel like I've been missing out on something ridiculously good all these years. Not like Drop Dead Gorgeous, let's say.

Scorsese has done better work before and since and I still maintain that he's always been a much more interesting filmmaker when he's worked outside of his gangster movie 'comfort zone', The Irishman excepted. I don't think there's much wrong with GoodFellas at all, far from it, it really is excellent. Just a personal preference thing.

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