Kill List ★½


I guess there's not really a shadow of a doubt that my impromptu decision to rewatch Kill List, a film I utterly hated the first time I watched it, was doomed to be a bad experience.

Aside from A Field In England, I've hated all of Ben Wheatley's films. So that didn't help. The thing was that having unexpectedly really liked A Field In England, the film that has probably been the most divisive of his films to date, I felt like I should go back and watch this and see if it was a film that I had missed something with.

I virtually never rewatch films that I hated first time round in the off-chance I was wrong. I did rewatch 2001: A Space Odyssey and found it to be an obvious masterpiece, but the thing was that first time round I didn't flat hate it, I just found it very dull. But I kept thinking about Kill List a lot and wondering if all the signs that are present in the film would amount to more, now I knew to look for them, second time round.

No, they didn't. They're still vague and stupid. The sagely advice handed out by the doctor is hilariously shit. Similarly so the gratitudes handed out by THE LIBRARIAN before Neil Maskell caves his head in with a hammer. Sure, they're there, but hardly enough to warrant an ending that I still think is an insult to my arse for having been subjected to me being sat on it just so I can watch this turd.

Actually, you know, the tunnel bit is probably the best bit in the film mainly because it dispenses with the tip-toeing murdering and just has Michael Smiley relentlessly gunning down cultists. But after that? No. It bothered me that the ending still feels plucked out of the air slightly, but more so that Maskell and Smiley are just so unbelievably stupid not to realise that murdering THE MP is probably a very bad idea in the first place. You know, because of all the publicity that might generate?

You're ex-soldiers! Take a sodding risk and run, you stupid bastards! No, instead let's gun down some cultists and draw attention to ourselves. It's bad enough that I was subjected to Maskell torturing and murdering nonces and expected to be entertained by that beforehand. I don't really like Maskell. Technically he's a fine actor but I just find him really impossible to warm to. I know that's the point here, but I just can't be doing with him.

The domestic stuff is still tiresome, the FUCK YOU BRO fights and epic bantz between Maskell and Smiley still made me angry, and I still hate this film. Not quite as much as last time. I liked the music more this time. So I'm giving an extra half a star. So hey, who knows, in seven more viewings' time, it will probably be a masterpiece!