Man Hunt

Man Hunt ★★★

Fritz Lang made some uncharacteristically awful choices in Man Hunt, a film that really should have been one of the more notable 'brink of war' films made.

Two of them are the lead characters. Joan Bennett is tasked with doing a Cockney accent, and... well, I'd be lying if I said it was awful. It's really awful. Dick van Dyke has nothing on her. Bizarrely, Walter Pidgeon is just allowed to do his normal accent despite also playing a British character. What the hell? He's also badly miscast here, it's a role that needed someone who wasn't quite so cocksure and arrogant.

The idea should have been given more careful treatment than this. Exploring the proliferation of Nazi agents in London just before the war broke out and Britain's early complicity in allowing the Nazis to rise to power, Lang has some serious points to make. But they're lost in plain silliness, not helped by one of George Sanders' worst performances either.

The pacing is great, however, and there are a couple of marvellous chase scenes. There's just enough here to make it worthwhile but it's also bizarrely sloppy in its execution. Nowhere near Lang's best.

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