Ms .45

Summer of Scam 2: Criminally Insane

I know I often mess around on here talking about what an idiot I am, but it's not actually messing around, it's the actual truth.

For instance, sometimes I'll forget the sort of thing I don't like and watch something from that type and, part way through it, will think, "Why the fuck am I watching this? I hate this shit!"

I very nearly stumbled into the same trap with Ms. 45. In fact, I even said on here a couple of times lately that I was really looking forward to this one, forgetting two hugely important factors in the process. Those being that this is an exploitation film and, by and large, I really don't like exploitation films at all.

But this was alright, which I was doubly surprised about because I'm not big on Abel Ferrara either. Oh yeah, another fact overlooked. I'm absolutely not a catch in the slightest. Anyway, looking past the set-up for this, which is about the unluckiest chain of events that any character has ever suffered in cinema outside of Nordberg in the Naked Gun films, this is a pretty entertaining revenge thriller.

Zoë Lund's great in the lead. I disagree that she is helped by the fact that she plays a mute character, it's a performance that has to be far more subtle when not using any dialogue, and her body language and use of expression is really good. Especially set against the usual standards in this genre, while the slow-motion end scene is terrific as well.

Some of the support acting bordered on the unwatchable at times (especially from the nosy neighbour - good dog though) and the music cues were a mess, but this is far better than I could have expected under the circumstances.