Pi ★★½

You Have 90 Minutes To Comply: The New Year Project

I'm going to stop watching these 'mind-bending' science-y maths-y films because they never do anything for me.

It's not because I don't understand them or anything. I get the general gist behind Pi and what it's trying to say. I just don't find it very interesting at all. Watching some brainbox go slowly mental over the course of an hour and twenty minutes trying to figure out some numbers isn't really, to quote Charlton Heston in True Lies, going to blow my skirt up.

Throw in some shitty techno music, irritating and headache inducing shaky camera shots, and some questionable acting and Pi bordered on annoying as well. The music here really was like Darren Aronofsky picked up a Now That's What I Call Techno! album down at HMV and decided that was the ideal soundtrack for a film like this. Sure, why not. You could have kept it quiet instead, but why the fuck not. Maybe Eminem was wrong and some people do actually still listen to techno.

I guess it matched the sort of slightly unhinged look if it, reminding me somewhat of Tetsuo and throwing in occasional hints of body horror and the like. The look of the film is probably right for what it is trying to do, and the idea of a disturbed man locked in his apartment and slowly losing his grip on things had echoes of Eraserhead as well.

But it just never grabbed me. I thought Sean Gullette was good in the lead role, better than expected, but the support cast, aside from the reliable Mark Margolis, was pretty terrible and off-puttingly so. So I couldn't even derive that much acting pleasure from it. It's not so much a case of "Mmm, Pi!" as "Hmm, Pi?"