Police Story

Police Story ★★★★

The first 15 minutes of Police Story are probably not the wisest thing to watch when you're in the middle of a dodgy spell with your asthma.

With one of the most dangerous and insane car chases ever filmed, making The Blues Brothers look like Herbie Goes Bananas, ploughing through a shanty village with no regard for life, limb or automobile and then progressing on to an utterly astonishing fight and stunt scene in and around a moving bus, it is one of the greatest openings to an action film of all time.

Police Story is a film I've seen several times although not for quite a number of years and it really does stand up beautifully. I'm not even a particularly big martial arts film fan, to be honest - Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung films are pretty much the only ones that I really went out of my way to watch a lot of, I think perhaps because of their humour as much as their action.

Having been disappointed by a rewatch of Wheels On Meals recently, I was slightly apprehensive about a rewatch of this but in reality it was a safer bet. This is a genuinely classic action film that started off one of the best action film franchises of all time and was possibly the film that catapulted Jackie to international superstardom.

The pace hardly falters either, except for some admittedly clumsy but nonetheless amusing slapstick comedy asides that are occasionally almost as ingenious in their execution. It amuses me greatly to see Maggie Cheung, these days renowned as one of the finest actresses to come out of Asia perhaps of all time, reduced to screaming ninny support role aside from a couple of dangerous stunts of her own at the breathless ending in a shopping mall. Brigitte Lin is left to do much the same but at least shows a slightly wider acting range than stamping her feet and looking angry.

Still awesome fun and I don't think 90 minutes has ever gone much quicker than this through any film.

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