[REC] ★★★★

I think that after World War Z is released next year that some kind of law needs to be put in effect to stop the production and release of zombie films for, say, 20 years. There are way too many of the buggers now, we don't need any more of them, and I think we should focus our attentions on a different horror concept. I vote for mummies. And I mean real ones with bandages.

I might be willing to make an exception for the [Rec] franchise, though, because I know they have plans to keep the franchise running past the release of World War Z. Certainly it's a series that got off to a stunning start with this film. The whole recorded / found footage genre is getting a bit of a kicking now with the release of a couple of recent clunkers, but this is easily one of the very best of the type.

The fact that it all starts off so innocuously in a fire station as a news reporter films a feature about night-shift work and then so quickly turns nasty when they are called to investigate an incident at an apartment building makes for a great piece of disarming filmmaking. It is still quite well paced, though, despite its brief running time and there are some genuinely superb and chilling parts.

My only question mark over it was that I have never been of films that blatantly set up a sequel. Just make one longer film or end it properly. Ambiguous endings are fine by me (they would be being a John Carpenter fan) but do them properly. In this case they might as well have stuck a sign on the end saying, "The Spanish zombies will return in [Rec] 2!"

That said, it is easily one of the best zombie films that I have ever seen. And no, I don't give a crap whether they run or walk.

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