Tenebre ★★★½

The World Is More Than Enough 4: Thriller Night!

4/30 - Italy

If anybody ever wanted to create a Good Murder Playbook, then I think Tenebre really should feature quite prominently.

There are some excellent murders here, both in terms of how they're executed and how messy they leave the place. The infamous 'arm murder' is especially great. Yeah, that's it, you've had your arm chopped off. Now go and bleed all over that pristine white wall over there. That's it, lovely! Now you can cark it, that's fine.

And I do love a good murder. Not so much that I will give a crap film a pass if it has one in it, but I still very much appreciate them. For instance, Wrong Turn is still shite no matter how brilliant that bit is when somebody gets murdered and half their head is left stuck to that tree as the rest of them falls to the ground. Tenebre's highlights, for me, were the deaths - more so than the very best of Dario Argento, I think.

The plot veered completely into the path of nonsensical for me at times, but not enough to derail the whole thing. The contrivance of the whole dog attack scene was very noticeable, for instance, although this is offset by just how great that scene. Plus, just how high can that fucker jump?! But it was pleasing that a couple of odds and ends (such as Anthony Franciosa seemingly stupidly leaving his bag unattended at the airport) were tied up quite well by the twist in the tail. It was a pretty good one as far as these kinds of films go, as well.

I am going to leave it at that because River Plate vs Boca Juniors is on in a minute but another enjoyable Argento if not too near to his very best.

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