The Day of the Triffids

In the Month of Madness - The Others

Not until the BBC's not very good TV version of this story in 2009 had I actually seen any version of The Day of the Triffids, but I had been aware of what it was about since I was a very small child.

That's because whenever we used to go round to my nanna's house every Saturday, my mum would, without fail, take note of the very overgrown hedge at the front of my nanna's house by saying, "It's like the bloody Day of the Triffids out here!" Every. Single. Week.

Anyway, the version of this they showed on the Horror channel over here looked like it had been taped off the telly. I don't think a pristine, 4K HD version of it would have made it that much more exciting though. Aside from a bit near the start that looked quite similar to Cillian Murphy's opening wander around a deserted London in 28 Days Later, there's not much to note here.

Aside from a pretty neat train crash and some A+ horror movie screaming from Janette Scott, that is.