The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain

Well, quite.

The Holy Mountain has to be considered, on at least one level, a work of genius. You know why? Because not one single moment in the entire film makes any sense at all. Not one!

Imagine that. Creating a two hour film where every single scene is completely absurd and nonsensical in some way. I know that it's supposed to be loosely based on Ascent Of Mount Carmel, but I felt that was lost somewhat amongst the green penises, live titty shows from caskets and birds flying out of open wounds.

I completely acknowledge the sheer level of creativity and imagination that has gone into making The Holy Mountain. But I did find myself wondering if I'm maybe just not cut out for surrealist cinema for quite a lot of the running time as I just didn't connect to it as a piece of entertainment. I did really like Holy Motors and Gozu, off the top of my head, so I'm not sure.

I just didn't get into this though. Plus I didn't really enjoy Jodorowsky's somewhat questionable attitude towards animals. I might try it again one day when I'm in a better frame of mind for it. I should have watched Hard Rain instead.

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