The Hunt

The Hunt ★½

Why can't we just have a movie anymore?

Who the fuck came to see the 19,844th The Most Dangerous Game clone in history wanting to be slapped down in the middle of some shitty arsed centrist dad satire? NOBODY.

Still, anybody who's seen Craig Zobel's Compliance shouldn't be surprised that he decided to play it out this way. I did want to give the guy a second chance, as much as I truly despised his breakthrough, hoping that he might make the transfer to lighthearted, fun, mainstream nonsense.

But no. It's all LIBERAL ELITE and CUCK and SNOWFLAKE and an assortment of other modern day buzzwords that could not have my eyes rolling any harder if they tried. God, fucking hell, just dump some cunts in the middle of somewhere and have them shoot each other or someone else. It's not hard this. It's been done well lots of times, this. It's a genre I like. You've got a good cast. Go nuts.

Then again, Damon Lindelof's name loomed large out of the screen as co-writer of this, like a neon sign except one that's covered in turd. Unquestionably one of the least talented yet widely sought after 'talents' in Hollywood, if he can find a way to fuck up an absolute open goal of an idea then he'll find it and then some. Pairing him with this director clearly wasn't a good idea.

I wouldn't be quite so angry if the action in this was good but it's just not. Betty Gilpin does a monumental job in wringing a couple of slightly fun moments out of it but even she can't save the pathetic final scenes with Hilary Swank, especially the discussion about Animal Farm. OMG. Could this Trump fan have *actually* read Animal Farm? Oh Craig, what on earth could you be suggesting!

Just make the fucking film. Aren't we suffering enough.

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