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This review may contain spoilers.

After reading Adam Cook's wonderful interpretation of Triangle through comparisons to Greek mythology last weekend, it gave me the boot up the arse I needed to finally rewatch it, about a year after I saw it for the first time.

Some films demand to be seen again just by virtue of their quality. Others demand it through simply confusing the hell out of you. Triangle pulls both of these off, and with aplomb. Viewing it the second time round, I found myself, inevitably, watching it in a completely different way - not because I knew what was going on and what was likely to happen. It was more a case of simplifying itself for myself and just trying to follow that Melissa George we are introduced to when she walks down the jetty at the start of the film. It does help you to follow things, honest!

It's also good to rewatch it knowing this time round you are getting a looping and repeating Sisyphean (meant in a more positive literal sense here) storyline rather than expecting a slasher film set on a deserted liner and unexpectedly stumbling into something rather bonkers halfway through. Of course, now I'm left asking myself - did I enjoy being surprised first time round or getting the references and plot (or as much as you can) second time round?

Whatever the answer is, Triangle is a truly outstanding film in so many ways. I don't believe Christopher Smith when he said he wasn't really sure what was going on himself in the storyline here - it's just too intricately sewn together in so many ways, so much so that even with its obviously bizarre storyline you rarely find yourself flapping in incredulity at anything that is happening. And that really is quite a feat for a film like this. Almost every frame of the film means something to the overall story and idea.

It's also a film that, unfortunately, seems doomed amongst the uninitiated to sit on Blockbuster Video shelves and in LoveFilm watchlists as a slasher film on a boat that might be worth a look for Angel from Home & Away if nothing else. But there is something genuinely special about Triangle - just make sure you give it a couple chances to make that apparent to you.

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