Twelve Monkeys

Twelve Monkeys ★★½

The June-ar Module

Call me crazy, but this isn't very good.

Twelve Monkeys is not the first film that I've had a hankering to see for 20 years and been massively let-down by recently. It wasn't quite as bad as Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead but, like that film, it's nowhere near as good as I expected it to be.

When I was watching it I got a sense of déjà vu about it, and not in the same way Madeleine Stowe experiences. No, it was in that it reminded me a lot of The Zero Theorem in being a sci-fi plod that is covered up by a few zany characters being zany and in the fact that I also fell asleep during it. Brad Pitt's supposed to be crazy, just in case you missed it in his subtle performance.

I didn't find this film complicated at all, I thought it was relatively easy to follow, But to be honest I think it could have done with being more convoluted and confusing as it's too reigned in and tries too hard to be plausible for a film of this kind. The plot is dull, Bruce Willis is dull, Madeleine Stowe is dull, Christopher Plummer is dull - Twelve Monkeys is dull.