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  • American Made

    American Made

    I think it's because I'm so entrenched as a Mission: Impossible fan that it's very difficult for me to look at anything that Tom Cruise does in between those films as more than him just killing time before he does another one.

    To be honest, I think it's hard to draw any other conclusion from the wretched The Mummy anyway, so maybe there is some truth in it all anyway. But it does mean I'm a very bad Cruise fanboy…

  • Soldier


    As someone who is noted as not exactly being the biggest Paul WS Anderson fan (regular reminder that the WS stands for Well Shit), I'm perfectly aware that this was a stupid film to watch. But then again, I'm a far bigger idiot than you probably realised.

    The strange thing about Soldier though is that, well, it wasn't shit like almost all of Anderson's films. Actually, let me rephrase that. It wasn't shit in the way that almost all of…

  • Primal Fear

    Primal Fear

    Primal Fear is a film about lawyers who are very bad at their jobs. Or is it?

    I honestly can't decide whether Gregory Hoblit meant it to look that way or if his film is so poorly made in places that it just makes it look as though they're all terrible. Intention is often a difficult thing to discern in cinema, especially if you choose to shy away from DVD commentaries and production history notes as I do, but I…

  • Romancing the Stone

    Romancing the Stone


    It's still one of my biggest aims to hear someone called a mondo dismo in real life.

    Sorry, just logging my overdue Romancing the Stone watch, I've seen this film before.

  • Rio Grande

    Rio Grande

    Plodding John Ford western that really does go absolutely nowhere for the majority of its running time before, finally, Ford decides to try and make a go of this whole Rio Grande thing and decides to have some marauding Apache in it at last.

    I don't really get what he was going for here, at all. It's a film that just stands stock still with small subplots occurring but of no massive consequence to the film as a whole. Ben…

  • The Mouse That Roared

    The Mouse That Roared

    Beyond the Peter Sellers triple-bill of characters, all immaculately performed as you would expect, the Columbia lady being chased off her podium by a mouse, and a pre-Bond Maurice Binder showing off some brilliant early titles talent, there's not a massive amount going on with The Mouse That Roared.

    It's a pretty gentle comedy whose satire still resonates to a certain extent, but is generally a bit lightweight when it comes to a plot that Jack Arnold could have wrung…

  • 3:10 to Yuma

    3:10 to Yuma

    It's fair to say that I had a couple of very sizeable issues with the remake. But while the original 3:10 to Yuma is hardly flawless itself, it's now even harder to understand why James Mangold got it so wrong towards the end of his film.

    Surely he must have taken a look at the route that Delmer Daves' original took with the Ben Wade character, here played by Glenn Ford, and understood that having Russell Crowe's version be a…

  • Salt


    Oh, what to do with a film like Salt.

    Absolutely terrific action scenes, especially the elongated chase scene after Angelina Jolie's escape and the church scene. A really engaging and intriguing lead performance from Jolie with predictably outstanding support from Chiwetel Ejiofor and the great Liev Schreiber. And splendid little moments such as Jolie tasering a cop to make him accelerate an out-of-control car.

    This is all very good. But then there's the plot. And well, it's a doozy, isn't…

  • Fort Apache

    Fort Apache

    This seems to be widely regarded as one of John Ford's best westerns but I'm not sure about that myself.

    Admittedly I haven't seen nearly as many of his films as I perhaps should have done but this is a fair notch down from The Searchers or The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance or Rio Bravo to name but three. It's quite long-winded in its opening act, taking more time to establish characters than it probably needed to. It also…

  • The Machinist

    The Machinist

    Lack of sleep will do funny things to your mind.

    Back in 1996, I suffered through an extremely bad bout of insomnia. Actually, my problem was (and, occasionally, still is) mostly to do with hypnophobia, although obviously that will cause issues of an insomniac nature. I think back to that time, a period that lasted around seven or eight months, quite often, trying to remember my state of mind throughout that.

    I mostly remember the ways I would try and…

  • The Stepford Wives

    The Stepford Wives

    For some reason I'd always suspected that The Stepford Wives might be really boring and it wasn't nice to have that suspicion proven correct.

    I honestly can't for the life of me understand why this film has become ingrained in popular culture as it has because it's a tedious exercise in stretched-out and obvious satire and almost nothing else. It goes on forever, almost nothing happens for about an hour and a half aside from Nanette Newman malfunctioning before an…

  • Support Your Local Gunfighter

    Support Your Local Gunfighter

    Here's a list idea - movies that almost completely reunite a cast for a sequel that isn't a sequel because they are playing completely different characters.

    What an odd idea for a film but I'm well on board with that sort of thing being done again if it turned out to be as enjoyable as Support Your Local Gunfighter, which I probably slightly preferred to its 'prequel'. The cast, overall, just seem to be in even better form and I…