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My Upcoming Watchlist

13 films

What I'm planning on watching over the next whatever period of time it takes, in this rough order. I used…

  • The Frighteners
  • Brainscan
  • The Day of the Beast
  • Stir of Echoes
  • Two Evil Eyes

In the Month of Madness - 1990s Horror Month!

34 films

A couple of years ago I did the 1980s and this year I do what is my second favourite horror…

  • Stake Land
  • Dr. Crippen
  • Summer of 84
  • 13 Sins
  • Seoul Station

In the Month of Madness: The Others

36 films

I know I'm doing two 1990s horror projects (here and here) but I want to watch nothing but horror in…

  • 12 Strong
  • 5 to 7
  • 7 Days in Entebbe
  • The Act of Killing
  • Adult Life Skills

The Letterboxd Era Catch-Up 3: Steve Dies At The End

145 films

The third instalment of another project of no interest to anyone but myself, the first two versions being here and…

  • '71
  • (OO)
  • 10 Cloverfield Lane
  • 12 Strong
  • 127 Hours
  • Mac and Me
  • Star Wars
  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day
  • Sister Act
  • Almost Famous

Films That I've Seen, Or Remember Seeing, At The Cinema

223 films

More or less stolen from Rosie.

There might be a few more. I've put Mac And Me at the top…

  • Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth
  • Body Snatchers
  • Maniac Cop 2
  • Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence
  • Deep Blue Sea

In The Month of Madness - 1990s Horror Rewatches

8 films

The accompaniment to my main project. Mostly an excuse to watch Event Horizon again.

I'm also doing a general horror…

  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout
  • 2 Guns
  • 3 Days to Kill
  • The A-Team
  • Atomic Blonde

Recommended: 2010s Action Films

86 films

I happen to think this has been, so far, a pretty damn good decade for action films.

Here's what I…

  • 4bia
  • Accident
  • All About Them
  • All Night Long
  • All Over the Town

Recommended: Films With Under 500 Views On Letterboxd

193 films

At the time of the list, obviously.

I would rate all these 3.5 stars and over. I've reviewed many of…

  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  • Back to the Future
  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day
  • Dial M for Murder
  • Gran Torino

Conveniently Placed Keys

24 films

You know the scene. You've seen it a million times before.

How are they going to start that car they…

  • Forty Guns
  • Moonraker
  • Friday the 13th Part 2
  • Pet Sematary
  • Alien

Jump Scares Are For Pussies

45 films

Films featuring jump scares created by a cat.


  • The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
  • ...And Justice for All
  • 10 Rillington Place
  • 99 and 44/100% Dead
  • Across 110th Street

The Great Big Ultimate Letterboxd 1970s Crime Film List

429 films

Now I know this might seem like a shameless way to get other people to find loads of 1970s crime…