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  • L'Île aux trésors

    L'Île aux trésors


    Treasure Island turned into a pirate-themed dark comedy.

  • For the Emperor

    For the Emperor


    I didn't really expect much from this movie to begin with and yet it let me down, it says enough.

    The only reason why I gave this a go was because of main leads, I thought that if the movie was bad, the acting would've paid off a little, needless to say how wrong I was. There's nothing to this movie to look forward to and, to be honest, I gave up on it midway, only sitting back and eating…

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  • 4th Period Mystery

    4th Period Mystery


    Honestly I didn't expect this movie to be good as it was, this movie was a pleasant surprise for me. A teen-thriller movie (yes, I know such genre doesn't exist) with some romance in the way that only an Asian movie could have.

  • The Wailing

    The Wailing


    False jumpscares aside this is, hands down, one of the best thriller\horror movies I've ever watched. When I first choose to watch this movie I sincerely didn't realize it actually is 2h30min+ long, if I did I wouldn't give it a go, but I did, mostly because I was postponing for such a long time.
    The synopsis I read about the movie at first didn't pick my interest at all, it talked about a virus spread over a small town…