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  • Victor Frankenstein

    Victor Frankenstein


    Another re-telling to be added to the very much known story originally written by Mary Shelley, but this one, for the first time - in my opinion, at least -, was the one who got the closest to Victor's personality than any other re-telling of the story.

    Emotional attachments and side-plots apart, I believe the Victor Frankenstein in this version of the story has a more compatible personality to what the original one could be. In this film, the character…

  • The Wailing

    The Wailing


    False jumpscares aside this is, hands down, one of the best thriller\horror movies I've ever watched. When I first choose to watch this movie I sincerely didn't realize it actually is 2h30min+ long, if I did I wouldn't give it a go, but I did, mostly because I was postponing for such a long time.
    The synopsis I read about the movie at first didn't pick my interest at all, it talked about a virus spread over a small town…

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  • 4th Period Mystery

    4th Period Mystery


    Honestly I didn't expect this movie to be good as it was, this movie was a pleasant surprise for me. A teen-thriller movie (yes, I know such genre doesn't exist) with some romance in the way that only an Asian movie could have.

  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas

    How the Grinch Stole Christmas


    I know most people didn't liked this live action at all, but it doesn't matter how I see it I still think that Mr. Carrey did a fairly good job as the Grinch, the story was good and I enjoy it every single time and I've already lost the count of how many times I'd watched this. Maybe this is because the brings me some memories of my childhood, probably I don't know.
    I still laugh of the jokes and everything else. I'm glad I finally was able to add it to my collection.