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  • Family Plot

    Family Plot


    It's a good end for the Master of Suspense...

    Hitchcock's last film, and it has everything he was known for:
    - Some Suspense
    - Some Comedy
    - Some Thrills
    - and a lot of Fun

    In this dark comedy/crime thriller, we get a gruff Bruce Dern, a wacky Barbara Harris, an underutilized Karen Black, and William Devane doing his best Jack Nicholson impression. Then there's a plot that involves odd sΓ©ances, diamond thieves, kidnappers, family fortunes, and all acceleration & no…

  • Frenzy



    You usually don't think of Hitchcock as being a hard-R director...

    With nudity, strong language, and on-screen rape/murder, It's slightly weird coming from Hitchcock (even though he's known for Psycho, arguably the first slasher film). But when you think about it, it is the 70s, and it was especially around this decade that films where pushing thematic boundaries as to what could be done on screen. So now (or then, I should say) Hitchcock has the audience's permission to do…

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  • La La Land

    La La Land


    No amount of words can express how happy I was after watching this film...

    I've waited for this film since it was first announced that Damien Chazelle was making his next film. I loved Whiplash. And when I saw the first trailer to La La Land, I knew that I would love it too.

    I mean the literal thought of the film could bring tears to my eyes. La La Land is such a me film. It's about Movies and…

  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens


    Yes! Thank The Force, we did it! Yes, America, the free world, we've seen another great Star Wars Episode, and it's beautiful.

    J.J. Abrams, you were my modern influence... But now you are my Hero. (':
    May the Force bless your soul...

    I need to see this film at least three more times in the theater (IMAX).