Solo: A Star Wars Story

I wish that I was alive when Star Wars, directed by George Lucas, hit theaters. It was a completely original, special effects heavy B-movie that took everyone by surprise. A commercial success. The people's choice. A movie for everyone, old or young, with no strings attached...

That will never, ever happen again.

Whether it be today, tomorrow, or as long as we travel the path that we're currently on in the verse of cinema. That will never happen again.

Avatar came close, but then the internet happened, and god forbid that there isn't some list out there that lists it as one of the most overrated films ever.

Anyway, the thing is, there was a limit and that was Star Wars (1977). And as much as studios and filmmakers try, they will never pass that limit (in terms of pure originality and commercial success). That's why franchise films make the big bucks, because they don't have to be original, and the commerciality is built in.

When studios and filmmakers do try to add a little originality to a franchise, the internet hops in and we get a "The Last Jedi" situation. But when studios and filmmakers do listen to audience reactions, we get something like "Alien: Covenant". You see, in the large scheme of it all, it's a Catch-22.

And who's fault is it?

Studios and filmmakers can be opposing at times, but the problem is us. We've deserted art for the bombastic, and when we're given the shit we've asked for, we then say that we don't like it.

We're saturated with everything. We're spoiled. We ask and want and expect so much more, for nothing.

The reason why Star Wars was so popular when it came out, was because there were no expectations before it. Nobody knew what was on the screen, because they've never seen it before. Now... we've seen everything.

Based on my current logging here on letterboxd, I've seen just over 3,270 films in total. To some, that's not a lot; but to others, that could be ten times more films then they've ever seen in their life. But to those living today who've only seen just 327 films, they have seen the progression of film history by just looking at one film that came out this year; and they can have the gall to tell the world what was so great or terrible about that film. It could be a terrible film, that they think is a masterpiece... or a masterpiece that they think is heap of trash.

That's where Solo: A Star Wars Story comes in.

If you think that this film is a legitimate "masterpiece"... then you would be flat out wrong.

But if you think that is film is objectively "bad"... then you're also flat out wrong.

Okay, sure. You can say "Well, that's my opinion" and you'd be in the right, of your opinion...

But I'm tired of other peoples opinions on films. Other people's opinions on films, today, suck ass. It's always pretentiously glowing or pretentiously cynical. I've even fallen into this bullshit.

There's barely any sincerity or realism in reviews anymore. Just pompous fluff. It's like a god damn popularity contest out there. Please stop loving a film because everyone else does. Stop hating a film because everybody else does.

It's depressing. There's no forward momentum. It's not films that have lowered in quality, it's our opinions that have.

So for now, I'm going solo (pun definitely intended) and won't be posting reviews anymore. I'll still log the films I watch every now and then, but I won't really participate in the LB community anymore (or at least for some time).

If you've made it this far, then congrats, hopefully from now on when you review a film, you'll think twice about spurting out your guck about a film. Instead, say something honest about the film, be true to the film, and stop trying to be popular. Tell us what the film really means to you, and why it means that way to you.

See you guys later...

- Adryon T.

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