Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★½

So close... so fucking close.

Suicide Squad could have been amazing... if it were rated R, was an hour longer, and shifted it's villain. Other than what I just mentioned, I think the first blatant problem is the editing. John Gilroy, what the hell man? I think you need to spend more time with your brothers dude. Second is the CGI. Jesus, someone needed to be fired. And Third is Control. I think the problem with Warner Brothers and DC is it's overbearing need for control. They need to calm down and trust their directors. I mean, what's the point of hiring a director if you're going to brainwash him and hijack the editors chair? I just hope that this repeat offender from DC will teach them what not to do in the Justice League and Wonder Woman (fingers crossed).

Saying all of that, the films not horrible. Messy as fuck, but not horrible. There are moments of brilliance and nuance that literally last seconds. Other than the structure of the film, this film lacked importance. Everything was underwhelming. There were obvious moments of "impact" the film wanted to get through, but it was just "meh" most of the time.

Why the hell do I like this movie then? I think it's because deep down beneath the shit, this film has charisma. The two main characters (Deadshot and Harley Quinn) are likable, and definitely do their job as their characters. The soundtrack was, personally, fantastic; The look of the film isn't all that bad; And the "cameos" are pretty great. When watching this film, I'm not thinking that I never want to watch this film ever again; instead I actually wouldn't mind it.

Being that this is a 50/50 type of film, I'm going to only recommend this film if you're going in to just have a good time... because you just might.

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