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  • Mind Game

    Mind Game


    Films like Mind Game, though incredibly innovative, are a reminder that the world of cinema is still very much a man's world. One could argue, as I'm sure the fans of this movie will, that there are no "films like Mind Game." Yes, there was something truly extraordinary about it: the animation was stunning and I very much appreciated the film-maker breaking away from modern convention. Yet, the story was so obviously conceived by a man's mind - the crude…

  • The Joy Luck Club

    The Joy Luck Club


    Whether you grew up in China or in the United States, if you don't know your self-worth as a woman, you're going to find yourself in terrible situations. In The Joy Luck Club, some of those scenes were the most heartbreaking.

    Despite the heart-wrenching scenarios some of these women found themselves in, the film as a whole was beautifully-told and incredibly touching. I loved this window into Chinese and Chinese-American cultures, respectively, the latter of which has barely received much focus in American cinema. More than anything, though, I loved the centrality of women to the plot of the film. The men were merely a footnote.