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  • The Road to Fort Alamo

    The Road to Fort Alamo


    La strada per forte Alamo is a piece of craftmanship which does its job in entertaining the audience. Yes, the story is simple and the actors are cattle (…), yet there are beautiful shots, cool challenges, poker games, nocturnal cowboy atmospheres, fool Native Americans, just manly attitude against cowardly acts, the ranch-to-build as metaphor for an ideal arcadia, wild horses, dust, a sleepy bartender, rich pompous women that fail the comparison with the typical Ford-like Western girl. It is not superb but it deserves three stars.

  • Castaway on the Moon

    Castaway on the Moon


    Robinson Crusoe -> Metaphor -> Lunar relationships -> Woman as Goddess -> Love

    The only truly alien planet is Earth.

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  • Trouble with the Curve

    Trouble with the Curve


    Really difficult to judge this. I really hated some parts and loved others.
    It is predictable, oversentimental and sappy, Amy Adams’ character is totally implausible: an accomplished 30 years old Wall Street lawyer devours men without pity, even if the father was absent during childhood. Of course, everyone is rich and beautiful, without real problems. Visualize all the bad stuff that pops in your mind when you think about the American dream: it is in here.
    On the other hand,…

  • Tokyo Tribe

    Tokyo Tribe


    A carnival of amputations, dances and cannibalism. Behind the camera there must be a hyperactive madman. Marvelous cinematography and astounding choreography. The rhythm of music and images is simply unbelievable, besides I would have never thought to hear Gesualdo da Venosa’s madrigal Lascia ch’io pianga in this frenzied mess!