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  • Lady Macbeth

    Lady Macbeth


    Added to the latest edition of 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, so I decided to check it out. Knew nothing about it going in. As you can see by my score, I didn't care for it.

    I just found nearly every single character to be a chore to watch. They're all so unlikable. Florence Pugh is excellent in the lead role, but I hated nearly every decision she made. Hard to care about the story when I dislike everybody. The character of Anna is probably the only person I liked. The movie looked great though.

  • Overlord



    Great movie. The first 15 or so minutes are incredibly intense. And it doesn't really let up. I almost forgot I was watching a horror movie. It takes a while to get to that. I was so invested in these soldier's mission, that I didn't even care. When the horror aspects do come, they don't disappoint either. Wyatt Russell is awesome, although I feel a little dumb that I didn't recognize him as Kurt's son. Just a great all around movie.

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  • Blacksmith Scene

    Blacksmith Scene


    Considered to be the first film with "acting" as three men hammer an anvil and pass a beer around. I call shenanigans on the guy on the left. He's clearly faking drinking the beer.

  • The Barn

    The Barn


    Basically bought this dvd just because Linnea Quigley is in it. I was a little skeptical of all the 4.5 and 5 star reviews I was reading on here. Was this really going to be that good? Well, no. Turns out, many of the reviews are fake. How do I know this? Because I looked at the profiles and saw that The Barn was the only movie these people reviewed. I even noticed several of them on IMDB. I knocked…