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  • The Fireworks Woman

    The Fireworks Woman


    Become a Priest, or continue having sex with your sister? That is the choice that Peter is facing in this early flick from Wes Craven. When he leaves to become a Priest, his sister Angela is left to explore her sexual desires on her own. Lots of sex. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, this is a porn flick. But it's a 70's porno, so there is plenty of story build around the sex scenes.

    Worth checking out for fans of 70s porn, or Wes Craven fans wanting to see his early work.

  • Date with a Kidnapper

    Date with a Kidnapper


    AKA Kidnapped Coed.

    Second film that I've seen from director Frederick R. Friedel. I'm learning that he keeps his films as simple as possible. The plot here is only slightly more complex than Axe. Rich girl gets kidnapped for ransom. A relationship blooms with her kidnapper. It gets interesting for a minute, when another group enters the scene, but it doesn't last long. Overall, a pretty solid flick, just not much to it.

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  • Blacksmith Scene

    Blacksmith Scene


    Considered to be the first film with "acting" as three men hammer an anvil and pass a beer around. I call shenanigans on the guy on the left. He's clearly faking drinking the beer.

  • The Barn

    The Barn


    Basically bought this dvd just because Linnea Quigley is in it. I was a little skeptical of all the 4.5 and 5 star reviews I was reading on here. Was this really going to be that good? Well, no. Turns out, many of the reviews are fake. How do I know this? Because I looked at the profiles and saw that The Barn was the only movie these people reviewed. I even noticed several of them on IMDB. I knocked…