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  • Ghost World
  • Chungking Express
  • House
  • PlayTime

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  • Salesman

  • Saltburn

  • Shinjuku Boys

  • A Dangerous Method

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  • Salesman


    so crazy that door-to-door salesmen were basically precipitated by the existence of housewives... women home at all hours, incredibly lonely, need another adult to talk to... so fascinating

  • Saltburn


    emerald fennell’s view of humanity is so utterly cynical and soulless that i think her films might be a net loss for the world as a whole. don’t make a film w a massive budget that laughs in the face of sincerity/your audience/the concept of making a movie in general. so insulting. at least charming angel sexy perfect jacob elordi and beautiful milf rosamund pike were giving it their all

Popular reviews

  • Nope



    i let this wash over me like a ~visual poem~ rather than treating it as a puzzle film and i recommend that approach. video essays have killed complexity, not everything has to fit into a one to one equation of this symbol = this interpretation. it’s mystic and cool!!

  • May December

    May December

    insanely perfect fever pitch of a movie. i can’t stop thinking about it. its meta-commentary on the Lifetime Movie Industrial Complex and the sordid biopic is so effective. julianne moore and natalie portman kill it of course, but charles melton is the true star. the way he alters his body and voice to embody the manchild who was never allowed to grow up… so heartbreaking and affecting. fave movie of the year!